CIA Out of Hours Support Contacts

If you are unable to assist a client and need to contact CIA, please use the following information:

  1. Contact Alarm Response Officer – CSG on 07469 391827 or 07469 391828 They will take the call over and assist the client.
  2. If the call is not answered by CSG Guard – Please contact the CIA Emergency Engineer listed on the on call rota below
  3. In the case of a strict emergency, Please use the Senior Emergency Support contact details listed below – For extreme emergencies only.

CIA have subcontracted their keyholding service to CSG and their Alarm Response Officers have been transferred over to CSG, however, in the interim, these officers are still supporting CIA with out of hours Customer service calls therefore, when they are on shift, they can assist clients and when they are not on shift, the CIA Emergency Engineer will support.

Kieran M - 07789770184
Start: 12/04/24 - 16:30
End : 13/04/24 - 08:00
Craig H - 7917356670
Start: 12/04/24 - 08:00
End : 13/04/24 - 08:00