Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Having worked with George Willis for nearly a decade, we are proud to have Accensus Fire Consulting as our preferred supplier for fire risk assessments.

Established in 2014 and covering the same geographical area as CIA Fire & Security, Accensus provide focused, high quality fire consultancy services and specialise in carrying out fire risk assessments on behalf of the responsible person in premises such as workplaces and the common parts of residential buildings.

In his role as an Inspecting Officer with the London Fire Brigade, George evaluated hundreds of assessments whilst enforcing the fire safety order. He has sound knowledge of the legislation, the associated guidance and the workings of enforcing authorities.

Accensus’s fire risk assessments are detailed, yet concise and easy to understand, and contain pertinent photos to ensure the findings are apparent.

They are commercially minded to provide practicable, cost-effective solutions to potential issues.

Always carried out by experienced, qualified assessors who are members of the IFE.

For more information please contact:
George Willis
Accensus Fire Consulting
16 Fordson Road, Devizes
Wilts. SN10 3UD

01380 721092   or  07813 155459

Fire Risk Assessments by Accensus

What is a fire risk assessment?

It is a review of a premises, what the premises is used for, the potential risk of a fire occuring, and the harm it could cause. If necessary, it will also offer recommendations on safety measures and policies that would make the property safer.

Assessments are conducted in 5 key steps:

  • Identify the people at risk
  • Identify the fire hazards
  • Evaluate the risks and whether existing safety measures are adequate
  • Record the findings
  • Review and, if necessary, update the fire risk assessment at regular intervals