BT announced last week…

…that its Redcare operations will cease next year, after over 30 years in business.

On the BT Redcare website, they state that they have “made the difficult decision to close all BT Redcare operations on 1 August 2025”. The company appreciates this will not be welcome news, so are giving as much notice as they possibly can.

A BT spokesman said, “As part of our strategy to simplify our business portfolio and focus on delivering core products and services for our customers, we have decided to close our Redcare business in 2025.

“We have informed all our Redcare customers, to give them enough advance notice to find alternative suppliers – and we will be supporting them during this process.”

We wish to reassure all CIA customers using Redcare products, that we are formulating a plan to transfer their connections to an alternative product and will be here to assist them throughout the transition.

This will essentially fall in line with our Critical Upgrade Programme, where BT will be shutting off the public switched telephone network (PSTN), also in 2025.

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