Applications for our…

…2024 Apprenticeship Programme are now live!

The programme is an exciting opportunity for young people in the Cirencester area and beyond, to start a career as a Security Engineer. Working alongside qualified engineers, they will learn from the ground up all different aspect of this exciting industry.

Whilst being trained and supported by CIA Fire & Security in all aspect of the job role, the successful candidates will be required to undertake a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Security Systems, supported by South Gloucestershire & Stroud College.

The role is varied and challenging, and requires the candidate to be fully committed to both work and college.

Delivered over 3 years, apprentices are required to attend the Stroud and, on occasion, Berkeley campuses on block release to complete their studies.

Some apprentices may also need to achieve functional skills in Maths and English, which will require additional hours in college. This is normally delivered during, or on an additional, block release attendance.

What to expect?

Phase 1: For the first 18 months, apprentices will accompany engineers and learn the fundamental aspects of being an engineer.

Phase 2: In the later stages of the apprenticeship, with the full support of the team, apprentices will start to go out on their own and participate in the on-call rota – subject to age. Once out by themselves, and on call, the apprentice will receive a van and a smartphone.

Post-Apprenticeship (Year 3 Onwards): Improver Engineer – This means that apprenticeship graduates are now responsible for their own jobs, and gradually the team will increase the range of works that they are given, whilst providing on-the-job training to enhance their skills.

Year 7: This is when we would expect you to be a Grade One engineer, experience and qualified to do any project that is asked of you.

For more information, and find out how to apply to our 2024 Apprenticeship Programme, visit the following link before the 30th June:

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