Intruder Alarms

CIA Fire and Security are experts in the design and  installation  of intruder detection systems for both domestic and commercial premises. Whether you are planning a project from scratch or would like an alarm in your existing property, we are the right people for the job.

In a fast-moving, technology-based industry, we always use the best equipment available and install to the highest standard. We are NSI Gold approved for Intruder Alarms.

One of our fully qualified surveyors will visit your property to complete a free of charge, no obligation survey. CIA will discuss your individual requirements and advise you on the best solution. During the survey, we will cover details such as Pets, Outbuildings, Panic Alarms, and Lone Worker Alarms amongst others. We will also fully explain the different sorts of monitoring available:

Bells only Alarms

As soon as someone is detected, the internal and external sirens will sound alerting neighbours and passers-by that there is a problem and deterring a would-be thief.

Monitored Alarm

Monitored alarms provide you with piece of mind any time you are away from home or your place of business. This means that the alarm is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

When a signal is received at the monitoring station, they take the appropriate action. This may be to alert the police if someone has been detected or contacting keyholders if there is a loss of power etc. Our surveyors will explain the most appropriate options for your property.

All of our monitored systems are supported by a 24hr call out service, manned by a team of Alarm Response Operatives, on call engineers and Technical support engineers.

Keyholding & Response


What are the benefits of using CIA as your Key Holder:

Convenience: Alarm activation’s can happen at any time, day or night, rain or shine meaning that is it not always easy or possible to rely on family, friends or staff to assist at your property. CIA’s offices are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by fully trained Alarm Response Operatives.

If you have a communicated alarm, ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) require 2 key holders but if you use a professional key holding company like CIA then no other key holder is required.

Safety: The primary purpose of an alarm is to protect your home or business from an intruder, in the event of an activation, you may not want to put your family and friends or employees into a situation that may risk their safety. CIA Alarm Response Operatives are professionally trained in dealing with all sorts of emergency situations.

Key holding can also be used to help protect your workforce, by using our service to lock up your property or accompany lone workers off the premises at night.

Your home is your Castle and they come in all shapes and sizes. We look after everything from single bed apartments to Manor Houses. You may also have a second home that is unoccupied for long periods at a time. We can respond to alarm activations providing a report  after  we have handled the incident or  liaise with you directly if you wish whilst we are there.

On notification that there has been an activation at your property, we will:


Attend your property in CIA Alarm Response Vehicle


Inspect the external of the property


Access the premises


Identify the cause of the activation


Resolve the problem

Alarm activations can happen at any time, day or night, rain or shine meaning that is it not always easy or possible to rely on family, friends or staff to assist at your property. CIA’s offices are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by fully trained Alarm Response Operatives. Our Alarm Engineers are also on call 24hrs a day for technical support and will attend site if the cause is a technical fault.

The most important thing is that you are safe in the knowledge that your home is protected and alarm activation’s will not go unanswered. Providing peace of mind.

Thermal & Covid-19

Our solutions are designed to fit in with your wider Covid-19 management policies.
CIA are able to offer a range of thermal body temperature screening products to accurately and discreetly detect raised body temperatures
Covid-19 sanitising solution that eliminates and protects against harmful microorganisms that surround us every day
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Detect & Protect – Thermal Technology

Working with our existing trusted supply partners, CIA are able to offer a range of thermal body temperature screening products to accurately and discreetly detect raised body temperatures (a symptom of Covid-19) that can be tailored for any application large or small. As well as body temperature
screening, our products can be configured for additional features such as detecting if face masks are being worn as well as counting people in and out of a building.

Our solutions are designed to fit in with your wider Covid-19 management policies. Dependent upon the application and requirement, a suitable alert can be made for a positive or negative reading such as an audible broadcast, email or text alert, green or red light or a door opening or staying closed for example.

Monitor & Protect – People Counting

The system  can be configured with screen displays at the entrance of the premises that inform customers and visitors of whether it is safe for them to enter or to wait until someone exits because maximum occupancy has been reached.

People counting is ideal for measuring the number of customers or visitors entering or exiting a location and allows you to effectively monitor those groups within a location & accurately respond to the monitoring events to increase the safety & efficiency for businesses. People counting and flow control can be teamed with our exiting suite of solutions including our thermal that greatly increase the safety of customers and visitors by screening people before allowing them access.


Cleanse & Protect – Portable Sanitising Solution

A portable sanitising solution that eliminates and protects against harmful microorganisms that surround us every day. It works to break the chain of infection that we’re naturally exposed to. Simply spray the sanitiser in and around the environment / workspace prior to commencing activity for the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

  • Destroys and protects from COVID-19
  • Helps prevent further re-infections
  • Discharged in the form of a light mist
  • Dries within 10 minutes
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Shoulder strap supports user application
  • Available in a number of different sizes to provide protection suitable for you :3, 6, 50, 100ltr

Access Control from CIA Fire and Security

Access Control systems allow you to authorise and track traffic coming through your premises. It is a great way of keeping your premises secure whilst minimising impact on day to day functionality.

Typical applications for access control can be as simple as remote opening of automatic gates or common doors at a residential property, bollards and barriers in car parks of businesses, turnstiles in reception areas and door locks between different parts of a building to state of the art retina scanning equipment to guard the most sensitive information. It’s is also becoming increasingly popular in the Educational and Healthcare sectors where it serves a dual purpose of keeping the right people in whilst keeping the public out.

There are various different forms of access control equipment such as Biometric Security Readers (commonly finger print or retina scanning), Pin Code, Mag Strip and Proximity Readers. Depending on your security requirements, in most cases we can integrate the new system with existing equipment.

Covid 19 Company policy

The aim of this policy is to provide clear and transparent information to staff and clients of all safety measures that have been instigated during the current Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic. All our procedures have been produced following advice given and are in line with government guidance.

Policy brief & purpose:
This policy includes measures actively being undertaken to mitigate the spread of Covid 19. All staff are expected to follow all these additional control measures diligently, this will sustain a healthy and
safe workplace in this unique environment. It’s important that we all respond responsibly and transparently to these health precautions.
This coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy is susceptible to ongoing updates and amendments with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines. All staff will be informed of theses updates as soon as possible by email.

This coronavirus policy applies to all CIA/PAC employees who physically work in company offices and in the field. All staff must read and action this policy as necessary.

Policy elements
Here, we outline the required actions employees should take to protect themselves, colleagues and clients from a potential coronavirus infection.

Sick leave arrangements:
If you have any of the published symptoms of Covid 19:
High Temperature
Persistent Cough
Loss of taste or smell
You should stay at home, notify your Co-ordinator immediately and self isolate for 14 days as per government guidelines.

If you suspect you have Covid 19 or have had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, you can return to work no earlier than 14 days since your first symptoms. You must make contact with your Co-ordinator prior to returning to work.
Everyone over the age of 5 is eligible for a Covid 19 test and we would actively request that you seek this if you are able to.

Working from home requests:
At present we have limited scope for employees to work from home from a secure and practical resource perspective.
Approval to work from home must be specifically gained from either the Operations Director or Office Manager.

General hygiene rules:
● Wash your hands after using the toilet, before eating, and if you cough/sneeze into your
hands (follow the 20-second hand-washing rule). You can also use the sanitizers you’ll find
around the office.
● Cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into your elbow. If you use a tissue, discard it
properly and clean/sanitize your hands immediately.
● Open the windows regularly to ensure open ventilation.
● Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands to prevent
from getting infected.

Use of PPE:
All normal PPE is to be used for normal work practices. PPE specific for Covid 19 is available for all
staff. Specifically:

Engineers / ARO’s:
Face masks
Anti-bacterial wipes
Hand sanitisers

Office Staff:
Anti-bacterial wipes
Hand sanitisers

Use of face masks:
As per government guidelines, face masks are only advised in situations where employees are unable to social distance. Employees in the field are asked in all instances to social distance, if this is not feasible, this must be discussed with their co-ordinator before proceeding. If a client requests
the use of a mask by the engineer even if social distancing is maintained, the client’s wishes should be adhered to.

Traveling to work / The use of work vehicles:
All employees should travel to work independently whether this is to either the office or to client’s

Apprentices, where applicable will be reimbursed for the use of their private vehicles. Should the need arise for a vehicle to be shared, then the permission of the Operations Director or Office Manager should be gained prior to the visit and all relevant safety measures must be adhered to.

Shared equipment:
Wherever possible, each employee should have their own equipment for carrying out their daily tasks. In circumstances where we have a limited number of items such as fire test kits, these should be sufficiently sanitised when an engineer takes them out of the office and then sanitised again prior to returning them.

Site meetings with clients: Engineers / Surveyors meetings with clients are an essential part of our engagement however, these need to be achieved safely and within the guidelines. Numbers should be limited to only 2 people where possible and social distancing should be maintained at all times. All correspondence via telephone and email should be carried out first and meetings must be where essential only.

Office staff meetings:

Physical meetings are suspended at the current time.
Office visits:

The office is closed to external visitors with the exclusion of delivery of items. If a client is delivering items such as keys, this needs to be done in conjunction with correct social distancing with the person in the office receiving the item and the new arrival procedure needs to be observed.

Site visits:
Prior to the visit, when the appointment is booked, clients will be asked if they/anyone in their property has symptoms, if social distancing is able to be maintained and if there are hand washing facilities available.
On arrival at site, a risk assessment is carried out including Covid 19 questions specifically asked to the client:Is anyone in the property suffering from or has symptoms of Covid 19? If the answer is yes, the visit will cease immediately.
Once the engineer has established that they can work safely, they will proceed, requesting from the client that other members of the property are not in the same area as the engineer for the duration of the visit and social distancing is maintained.
The engineer will sanitise all surfaces prior to touching them and then again at the end of the visit.
During the current time, clients will not be asked to sign for work completed, however the engineer will take a photo of the keypad or panel to establish time stamped evidence of the visit.

Where 2 engineers are required to visit a site, this will be discussed with the client first and an outline set for how work will commence. These teams will be ‘fixed’ and they will maintain a 2 meter distance from clients and where possible each other. Where work needs to be carried out in a confined space, the engineer will request with the client that as much ventilation is provided as possible.
Engineers will wash hands at the start and the end of each visit where possible, if not, they will use hand sanitizer.
Should a repeat visit be required, where possible and practical, the same engineer will return. All waste created during the visit will be disposed of safely and in an appropriate manner by the
engineer upon leaving the property.

Company vehicles:
All company vehicles must be clean and tidy at the start of each day, cabs wiped clean, door and regular touchpoints are to be regularly sanitised and cleaned.
Office procedures:
Any non-office based employees should contact their co-ordinator prior to coming into the office so that suitable preparations can be made for swift turnaround.

Immediate arrival:
All staff to enter Reception Lobby and use electronic temperature check camera. Once approved, they must leave the lobby and re-enter the building through their designated entrance.

ARO’s out of hours: All ARO’s to take their temperature with manual forehead thermometer inside ARO entrance and if safe can proceed into the offices.

Social distancing at the offices:
We are able to maintain safe social distancing within both CIA and PAC offices. We have utilised meeting rooms and unused offices to spread staff out so desks are the required distance apart. All staff members have their own desks with the exception of ARO’s at CIA where sanitising takes place at the beginning and completion of each shift.

Movement around the buildings:
CIA have 4 entrances that are now being utilised instead of the normal 2. Teams of staff have been allocated an entrance that sees them arrive at their desk quickly and with little contact with others.
Each office has clear visual markings that shows where they can or cannot safely stand or pass through. Additionally there are signs on all doors notifying who is able to move where and encouraging communication via the phone or email instead of a physical visit even if carried out at a

Facilities for staff within the offices:
There are to be no more than 1 member of staff in a kitchen area at a time and CIA’ staff have been allocated either the downstairs or upstairs kitchen depending on their location. Staff should only prepare food and drink for themselves.
Hand sanitiser stations are available at each entrance and there are 7 hand washing points throughout the building. Staff teams have been allocated specific toilet facilities located closest to them.

Cleaning and hygiene within the offices:
All staff are required to keep a clear paperless desk where possible and sanitise their work stations at the end of each day. Additionally each office is to have a designated member of staff to sanitise heavily used areas such as door handles both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Staggered start times:
CIA: Employees arrive over a 2 hour period and the use of different entrances means that staggered start times are unnecessary.
ARO’s: Due to the size of the ARO’s office, shifts have been re-organised so that only 1 member of staff is on at a time and procedures have been put in place for the incoming staff member to call the outgoing ARO to advise of their arrival so they can swap over safely.

The information set out in this document is subject to change as and when more relevant updated information from the government is released. Any alterations to this policy document will be issued via e-mail.
Our overall aim is to help play our part in controlling the spread of Covid-19 whilst maintaining a viable business. If we work within the guidelines set out in this document, this will go a long way to achieving that. However, the decisions we make as individuals is the main driving factor in the successful outcome of this.

Please, if you have any questions, just ask your Co-Ordinator, Operations Director or Office Manager.