Access Control from CIA Fire and Security

Access Control systems allow you to authorise and track traffic coming through your premises. It is a great way of keeping your premises secure whilst minimising impact on day to day functionality.

Typical applications for access control can be as simple as remote opening of automatic gates or common doors at a residential property, bollards and barriers in car parks of businesses, turnstiles in reception areas and door locks between different parts of a building to state of the art retina scanning equipment to guard the most sensitive information. It’s is also becoming increasingly popular in the Educational and Healthcare sectors where it serves a dual purpose of keeping the right people in whilst keeping the public out.

There are various different forms of access control equipment such as Biometric Security Readers (commonly finger print or retina scanning), Pin Code, Mag Strip and Proximity Readers. Depending on your security requirements, in most cases we can integrate the new system with existing equipment.

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