Test It Tuesday

The Test It Tuesday Campaign

Test it Tuesday is a campaign developed by several Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK to remind businesses and home-owners to test their smoke alarms on a weekly basis.

If you follow us on social media (and we strongly recommend that you do) then you will see that we are supporters of the campaign.

Fires can happen at any time and a fully functioning smoke detector can alert you to the danger, giving you the best chance of getting out safely. Regularly testing your alarm (or those of family and friends) will give you the Peace of Mind that should a fire start, you will be given the warning you need to escape.

It is due to this principle that the Test It Tuesday campaign, and more specifically the hashtag #TestItTuesday, was created. Anyone within the fire, safety or security industry utilises the hashtag to help spread the word and remind all their followers to test their smoke alarms.

Test It Tuesday is a very simple idea with a very important message. Smoke alarms save lives, but only if they are working correctly.

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