SmartAccess Lighting Support

Discovering Smarter Lighting

With the daylight now fading, we want to ensure that you know how to set your lighting schedules. SmartAccess lighting gives you the control to manage your venue remotely and ability to adjust court schedules to suit all players at your venue.

By setting custom lighting rules you can set automatic schedules for either individual courts or all courts. To create these, you can do this through your booking settings. 

SmartAccess lighting offers your venue many benefits:

  • Enhances player experience, allowing people to book later in the day
  • Remotely control the lighting schedule to keep your venue active
  • Ability to add an additional fee to court bookings to cover energy costs
  • Increases court utilisation
  • Boosts revenue

It’s important to remember, that if you have a court booking overlapping the start time of a booking rule, the court booking will trigger the lights to turn on and remain on until the end of the set lighting rule.

The lights will come on if there is a booking during the lighting schedule regardless if someone uses the pin. The warm up and cool down times are adjustable within your booking settings.

Need some help?

If you don’t have SmartAccess floodlighting installed and would like to know moreget in touch so we can help.

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