SmartAccess – CIA Fire and Security

SmartAccess from CIA Fire and Security and ClubSpark

CIA Fire and Security are extremely proud of SmartAccess which has been developed, produced and installed in partnership with ClubSpark.

We’ve combined our experience with security and gate access with ClubSparks innovative club management suite to create SmartAccess.

It’s designed to allow courts, pitches and fields a flexible, reliable and secure way to give clubs complete control of their facilities. The ClubSpark platform is a stress-free way to manage your online bookings, payments, membership, and access.

Clubspark SmartAccess

Working together we have been able to expand the functionality of the Clubspark platform to remotely manage and access sites and their operation.

Venue controller

Each venue has a controller that connects to the internet via 3G or Wifi. ClubSpark constantly updates the controller with booking and entry information to always ensure instant access.

The controller also monitors the health of the system and continuously feeds information back to ClubSpark. This controller can also be connected to all kinds of devices to manage automation and on-site access.

Gate access

Manage multiple gates and entry points. Each gate is fitted with a pin code keypad and proximity reader which connects to the central controller and lock for the gate.

Any successful or unsuccessful attempts to access the venue are fed back to the system.


Floodlighting can also be configured to turn on when the venues are in use. They also have the ability to allow for different warm-up and cool-down periods.

LED floodlights can be set to turn on automatically if there’s a booking and when a player accesses the gate. Halogen floodlights can be configured to turn on prior to a booking and stay on if there’s a concurrent booking.

SmartAccess Brochure

SmartAccess Technical User Guide

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