Protect Your Home this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and thoughts are turning to dark and cosy evenings. Sadly, it is this time of year that our houses become more vulnerable to burglars.

Research from security product retailer, Safe, has revealed that 70% of the nation know someone who has been burgled. In addition, half of these people have been burgled themselves.

National statistics show that 188,792 domestic burglaries took place in England alone between July 2014 and June 2015*, yet in some regions as few as 12% of people secure their home with a burglar alarm.

The research revealed women to be significantly more safety conscious than men as they are twice as likely to forget to set the burglar alarm.  Less than a quarter of men said they hold off putting gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve to detract potential burglars, in comparison to 36% of women.

Britain has developed bad habits when it comes to protecting homes and possessions:

  • A third of people have left windows open
  • 28% have forgotten to lock the back door (35 – 44 year olds are the worst offenders)
  • Almost 10% have left the back door wide open (over 55s are most cautious at only 5%)
  • 6% had left a key under the doormat or in a ‘safe place’ (an easy win for burglars)

Ensure your home is safe from burglars this Christmas by locking all doors and windows when you leave your home and always make sure you set the alarm.

If you don’t have an alarm, contact us today to book a free, no obligation survey.

You can view Safe’s infographic below

Safe Infographic Winter

*According to the Office for National Statistics

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