Gate Automation

[title size=”2″]Gate Automation[/title]

Our Driveway Gate Automation Division specialises in the design and installation of automatic and sliding electric gates, bollards and barriers for commercial and domestic properties. Most importantly though, we combine the latest technology with the creative talents of local craftsmen.

Domestic Gate Automation

An open gate is an invitation to come into your property. Automatic gates provide increased privacy, keeping unwanted traffic out and helping keep children and pets in. Most of all though it increases security.

Commercial Automatic, Electric Gates, Barriers and Bollards

As the pace of business speeds up, so does the amount of traffic coming in and out of your premises, both pedestrian and vehicular. The ability to control this is paramount for the security of your company. We install automatic and electric gates, barriers and bollards to suit your business, ensuring efficient access whilst maintaining the highest level of security possible.


Our fully qualified surveyors will visit your property to discuss your requirements. Our surveys examine how you will be using the gate, the volume of traffic coming through and the type of gate that you would like. Once these factors have been discussed, we will then talk you through the technical aspects of the installation. It is only then that we agree on the best options for your situation. Every installation is unique and we pride ourselves on quality and service.

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