Fastershire’s rollout of ultrafast broadband

CIA Fire & Security Ltd (CIA) has recently been made aware that Gloucestershire and the surrounding area is being provided with the latest fibre broadband, as part of the council’s Fastershire programme.

CIA is in consultation with the service provider, Gigaclear, to ensure all your alarm communication devices are unaffected.

This is following the announcement stating that Gigaclear has activated its first ultrafast broadband cabinet. The first Fastershire cabinet providing ultrafast broadband is now live and ready to provide fibre broadband to communities including Cockleford, Coberley and Cowley before Christmas. The full rollout schedule to 2017 is available on the Fastershire website.

Fastershire is a partnership between Herefordshire Council, Gloucestershire County Council and BT to build a future proof world class broadband network for the two counties.

Gigaclear is one of the fastest and most reliable broadband networks in the UK. Delivered only to rural areas of England they deliver better broadband than is available to most towns and cities.


Protect Your Home this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and thoughts are turning to dark and cosy evenings. Sadly, it is this time of year that our houses become more vulnerable to burglars.

Research from security product retailer, Safe, has revealed that 70% of the nation know someone who has been burgled. In addition, half of these people have been burgled themselves.

National statistics show that 188,792 domestic burglaries took place in England alone between July 2014 and June 2015*, yet in some regions as few as 12% of people secure their home with a burglar alarm.

The research revealed women to be significantly more safety conscious than men as they are twice as likely to forget to set the burglar alarm.  Less than a quarter of men said they hold off putting gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve to detract potential burglars, in comparison to 36% of women.

Britain has developed bad habits when it comes to protecting homes and possessions:

  • A third of people have left windows open
  • 28% have forgotten to lock the back door (35 – 44 year olds are the worst offenders)
  • Almost 10% have left the back door wide open (over 55s are most cautious at only 5%)
  • 6% had left a key under the doormat or in a ‘safe place’ (an easy win for burglars)

Ensure your home is safe from burglars this Christmas by locking all doors and windows when you leave your home and always make sure you set the alarm.

If you don’t have an alarm, contact us today to book a free, no obligation survey.

You can view Safe’s infographic below

Safe Infographic Winter

*According to the Office for National Statistics


Cirencester Round Table Fireworks

On Saturday 7th November, Cirencester Round Table hosted Cirencester’s annual fireworks display at Cirencester Rugby Club.

This year was the first time the event has been held at Cirencester Rugby Club and it was a resounding success. Over 3000 guests attended and Cirencester Round Table managed to raise over £20,000 for charity.

There was plenty of family fun to be had when the gates opened at 17:00, with fairground rides and Tweedy the Clown providing the entertainment. At 18:00 the bonfire was lit with the help of Deirdre the Dragon which was soon followed by the dazzling display, courtesy of Firework Effects.

Matthew Harrison, Operations Director of CIA, said: “There was a fantastic turnout for the fireworks this year. We are very proud to have been one of the main sponsors of the event and seeing 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.”

The annual Cirencester fireworks display is Cirencester Round Table’s largest fundraising event and planning has already begun for next year’s event.


Fireworks & Bonfire Safety – A guide to a safer event

Bonfire night can be great fun for all the family but it is important that you celebrate safely with fireworks.

Around this time every year there are hundreds of injuries, the majority of those injuries are children either playing with sparklers or fireworks.

Many of these injuries occur at private parties so we strongly urge everyone to take great care this bonfire night and recommend that you visit an organised event, such as the Round Table Display in Cirencester.

If you are having a display at home please make sure you follow the tips below. It’s a fact that many accidents are caused by carelessness. Figures show that more children than adults get hurt by fireworks.

If you’d like to see the animated version of this guide please visit

If you’d like a free printable version of this cheat sheet to use as a teaching aid, visit the child development resource PDF


Talking To Potential Apprentices about Apprenticeships

This week, CIA attended a careers evening at Cirencester Deer Park School. The evening gave us the opportunity to promote the benefits our apprenticeships to potential apprentices.

The event was a great success and we enjoyed talking to students who were interested in moving to the workplace after they finish school.

CIA has been offering apprenticeships since 2000 and have expanded their apprenticeship programme to include Business Administration Apprentices in 2012.

Managing Director, Colin Harrison, began his career as an apprentice and is now running our extremely successful company.

Colin said: “Apprenticeships benefit our company by instilling the basic skills required in our staff, ensuring that their confidence grows at the same rate as their abilities. They provide essential support to qualified staff by carrying out basic tasks.

“We enjoy watching our apprentices grow into confident young people in a relatively short space of time.”

For more information about our apprenticeships, please visit our Careers page.