National Apprenticeship Week at CIA Fire and Security

CIA Fire and Security are pleased to support the 11th Annual National Apprenticeship Week, which runs from 5th to the 9th of March 2018. The fire and security industry is growing rapidly and as a result, we are currently looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our engineering apprenticeship programme.

Working on a 5-year rolling plan, CIA needs to recruit apprentices now in order to have fully trained engineers in 5 years’ time. Apprentices gain valuable practical work experience whilst they learn. At the same time, they gain valuable life experience such as managing their finances and adapting to a working environment, which can be as important as the technical skills for the role.

Currently, over 10% of CIA Fire and Security’s workforce are apprentices. In the last year, we have switched to Stroud and South Gloucestershire College which delivers the Fire and Security Course on their doorstep. Working with Cirencester College for their Administration Apprenticeships program, CIA has been able to find high-quality candidates that can join the office to support day to day activities whilst also focusing on their studies.

Jo Harrison, Office Manager for CIA, explains what we are looking for in applicants, ‘When recruiting for apprentices, we look for motivated individuals who can communicate confidently to promote themselves. You don’t need experience and we offer full training on the technical side of the position but you must want to learn.

At CIA we’re extremely proud of our apprenticeship programme with many members of staff starting their careers as apprentices. Some of the managers and directors here have successfully worked their way up through the business building on the skills they learned when they first joined the team. One of the added benefits of starting as an apprentice is that you learn different aspects of the business which allows for more options when it comes to career opportunities in the future.

There are events running as part of National Apprenticeship Week across the country and you can find events local to you by going to

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CIA Fire and Security First Aid Training

Continuing it’s investment in training, CIA Fire and Security offered First Aid training recently to it’s staff at their offices in Cirencester. Because of their commitment to personal and professional progression and the promotion of safety in the workplace CIA Fire and Security offered the training to any staff who were interested.

CIA Fire and Security chose St John Ambulance for the training as they are the nations leading first aid charity. Also they offer a wide range of training in risk assessment, fire marshalling and manual handling.

With a great turn out, everyone who attended the course completed it successfully. St John Ambulance awarded everyone a certificate in Emergency first aid as well as having a great day learning new skills. Emma McKinnon works in the accounts office at CIA and she said “I think it was a very enjoyable and informative course. It’s given me that bit of knowledge and confidence I was looking for!”

First Aid

Paired up, everyone took it in turns to practice each first aid technique

CIA Fire and Security are passionate about training. Along with courses in industry standards and technologies they offer many apprenticeships for both engineering and office positions. CIA have been running their engineering apprenticeships scheme for over 15 years. In addition they introduced, in 2012, the Administration Apprenticeship program.  CIA Fire and Security have continually grown their commitment to helping people make the transition from education to the workplace.

The apprentices that work at CIA Fire and Security get great insight into the business. By shadowing other members of staff they are able to grow in their roles naturally. After a combination of on the job experience and bespoke internal training they can become fully qualified. As a result, the apprentices can quickly feel part of the CIA Fire and Security team.

Click here for more information on St John Ambulance.

Cirencester Fireworks Display

On Saturday 5th November 2016, Cirencester Round Table will host its annual Cirencester Fireworks Display at Victoria Road Playing Fields.

Round Table is hoping to match last year’s resounding which saw the organisation raise over £20,000 for charity.

There will be plenty of fun to be had by families when the gates open at 17.00.

Matthew Harrison, Operations Director of CIA, said: “Last year we had a great turnout for the fireworks and we hope to repeat that success again this year. CIA is very proud to be one of the main sponsors of the event.”

Below are the full details of the event.


  • Adults: £7 (in advance) £8 (on the gate)
  • Child (16 and under), Student & OAPs: £4 (in advance) £5 (on the gate)
  • Family – 2 adults, 2 children: £17 (in advance) £20 (on the gate)
  • Under 5′s FREE
  • Gates open – 17:00
  • Fire lighting – 18:00
  • Fireworks – 19:00

Since 1982 CIA has evolved from being a one man operation into a successful company with over 80 members of staff. We have developed a strong reputation for providing a fantastic level of service, reliability and uncompromising expertise. This reputation has been earned by recommendations from a host of satisfied customers.

Naomi House & Jacksplace

Naomi House & Jacksplace Hospices

Naomi House & Jacksplace hospices provide expert hospice care to more than 280 life-limited and life-threatened children, young people and their extended families from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, West Sussex, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

Their nursing, care, play and family support teams are experts in delivering the crucial emotional, spiritual and developmental aspects of care that families need.

Their emphasis on innovation, clinical excellence and holistic care means they can care for children and young people with some of the most complex medical needs.

When a child or young person is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition Naomi House & Jacksplace becomes their home from home.

The teams take the time to really get to know the family and fully understand their wishes. They offer them vital respite support, giving them the chance to recharge their batteries and regroup in a calm, fun and welcoming environment. In times of emergency, Naomi House & Jacksplace is there, giving families the help they need through difficult times. And at the end of a child or young person’s life, they pull out all the stops to give them a peaceful and dignified end, surrounded by family members.


FAQ – Gigaclear, Fastershire and Alarm Signalling

Lots of people have been asking whether their house alarm will work over Gigaclear. Hopefully, these notes will help you decide.

First question to ask – Is the alarm monitored? If it is monitored by an alarm company then see below. If it is not monitored then it is not relevant what type of broadband you have. So yes Gigaclear will work with unmonitored alarms.

Monitored Alarms

There are two types of alarm monitoring. Both would be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which can be an alarm company or central monitoring station.

DIAL UP – The first type uses a device to dial up the Alarm Receiving Centre if the alarm is activated. These dial-up devices are often called Digi box or Digi modem and the dial-up can be via a phone line or mobile network. This type of monitoring does not check whether the line has been cut. DigiWolds has tested this type of alarm plugged into a Vonage box connected to a Gigaclear router and it worked without any issues. So yes Gigaclear will work with alarms which have dial-up devices.

REDCARE© – The second type uses a regular pulse on the line to check not only whether the alarm has been activated but also whether the line has been cut. If the Alarm Receiving Centre detects no pulse in a certain period of time then the alarm is activated. This type of monitoring is usually provided by BT under the name Redcare© Classic and is run over the telephone line. Redcare© Classic will not work over Gigaclear as it links directly to equipment in the telephone exchange. However, there is a product called Redcare© Secure IP which will work over Gigaclear. Anyone with Redcare© Classic can move over to Redcare© Secure IP. Whilst this has not been tested on Gigaclear it works over any network connection so it is not relevant whether the network is provided over copper or fibre. So yes Gigaclear will work with Redcare© but the customer must move from Redcare© Classic to Redcare© Secure IP. Other companies also offer a comparable IP based product, for example, CSL Dualcom IP.

Redcare© Secure IP will detect whether the alarm has been activated or whether the internal wiring has been cut or the Gigaclear fibre has been cut and so is very secure, as its name suggests!

Both Dial-UP and Redcare© monitoring can be provided via a mobile phone (GSM) connection. However many houses in the countryside do not get a reliable mobile phone signal and so this type of monitoring would generally only be used as a secondary line of defence.

Power Cuts

Imagine a scenario where there is a power cut. Any Redcare© Secure IP monitoring will trigger that there has been an activation but the alarm company will get that from every customer in the area because the power has been cut. Therefore they will not respond. DigiWolds would recommend fitting an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to the Gigaclear router to enable it to function during a power cut. Using a UPS the alarm monitoring can carry on during the power cut and so if the Alarm Receiving Centre does receive an activation from this property then they know there is an alarm and that it is not just down to the power cut in the area. Eventually, if the power cut is long enough, the UPS will run out of power. If the UPS can be monitored by the alarm unit itself then the alarm company can see that action is required to keep the alarm actively monitored. DigiWolds will shortly be testing monitoring a UPS from an alarm system and will calculate some figures for the UPS required.

Prepared by Martin Spooner from DigiWolds with thanks to CIA Fire and Security Ltd for their help with these tests.

For more information about Digiwolds:


Telephone: 01285 898037

Published 16th February 2016