IFSEC 2018 – Engineers of Tomorrow

IFSEC 2018 – Engineers of Tomorrow

With IFSEC now, our apprentices are gearing up for the Engineers of Tomorrow competition. Our guys have had great success in the past and we are hoping for some fantastic performances this year.

Battling it out for the top prize of £1000 and some serious bragging rights, 6 of our best and brightest are being sent to compete. The apprentices are Louis Murphy, Rhys Perry, Callum Fraser, Will Hollands, Will McKay and Billy Savage. In previous years our engineers have performed well in the competition with engineers Luke Smith and Tony Barnes achieving top 3 placements. Our apprentices this year will be aiming even higher.

We have supported the Engineers of Tomorrow scheme for many years and feel it is an excellent showcase for the next wave of talented engineers. It is also a really great opportunity for our apprentices to represent CIA Fire and Security and show off everything that they have learned in front of their peers. For the engineers themselves, they have the opportunity to achieve credits toward their NVQ portfolios which is a fantastic bonus.

Our engineers are set to attend IFSEC on Wednesday 20th to compete in the heats of the competition. With over 60 teams attending, the competition for the top prize will be fierce.

If you are interested in joining our team of engineers at CIA we’re always looking for both experienced staff as well as apprenticeship candidates.

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Cirencester Macmillan Golf Day 2018

On Friday 8th June 2018, the Cirencester Committee for MacMillan Cancer Support, in conjunction with Cirencester Golf Club, will be holding their annual golf day.

CIA has proudly supported the Golf Day for the past twelve years and is the main sponsor again this year.

Over 40 teams have entered this year’s competition and will be competing for the various prizes available.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts for regular updates on the golf day throughout the competition.

After the golf, there is going to be a whole evening of food and entertainment including performances by the fantastic Adam Okin as well as Elvis! Along with the BBQ and the music, there will also be a charity auction which includes the opportunity to bid for a balloon ride across the Cotswolds.

Colin Harrison, Managing Director of CIA, said: “This year we hope to take the total raised from the golf days we have sponsored over the £100,000 mark, which we are extremely proud of.”

All proceeds raised from the Golf Day will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you are interested in attending or wish to have further information about the event please do not hesitate to use our contact form here.

To learn more about Macmillan Cancer Support follow this link.

Macmillan Golf Day Entertainment

GDPR Implications to Security Systems

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) live as of 25th May 2018 we’re keen for our customers to understand some of the implications posed to their security systems.

Whilst the GDPR maintains the same basic principles as The Data Protection Act 1998, there are some important changes worth taking note of with regards to security systems and especially CCTV.

The focus of GDPR is to give greater power to individuals with respect to the processing of their data. This processing includes any action taken with the data including collection, storage and sharing to name a few. Along with this increase in consumer power, it will be required that the ways the changes to data usage are communicated are clear and concise for individuals.

For instance, an access control system will log and register where in the building a visitor is. This information may be sensitive if the nature of the establishment is in its own right sensitive, such as a hospital. By tracking where in the hospital a visitor is and not keeping that data secure you may unintentionally make that personally identifiable and linked to the sensitive nature of their visit.

Under the GDPR this would be considered a breach which would have to be reported to the ICO, Information Commissioners Office. This could result in a large fine to the offending company and under the GDPR the cost could be up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover.

When looking to fit a CCTV system it is important to consider whether or not it is the most appropriate option for your security and what the purpose of the CCTV is. Will it deter people from breaking in or damaging property? Or will it be used as a means of evidence damages more effectively?

Once the need for the system has been established it is important to focus on the implications of having the system fitted. Will it infringe on the rights of those who are being recorded by it? Who will have access to the recorded footage? How long will the recorded footage be stored for? These are the types of important considerations that must be made when looking into new security systems.

In 2017, a Scottish court made a judgement on the case Woolley & Woolley v Akbar and Akram where compensation was sort for the breach of Data Protection Act 1998 for the incorrect use of a domestic CCTV surveillance system.  In the case, the CCTV system had been positioned in such a way that it recorded the neighbour with both audio and video. Following multiple unsuccessful attempts by the neighbour to obtain copies of the recorded personal information the case was taken to court.

As the GDPR attempts to further protect and empower individual data rights, Woolley & Woolley v Akbar and Akram can be a good point of reference when making considerations about the necessity and extent of the CCTV system you are looking for.

We are able to offer advice on the type of impact our systems may have on your protection of individual privacy and data protection. However, it is important that you make decisions in these fields based on knowledge provided by a legal professional and potentially following the completion of a data privacy impact assessment or a GDPR impact assessment.


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CIA Fire and Security Visit CheckFire

We had a great time visiting CheckFire on Tuesday. Huge thanks to them for a fantastic tour around their brilliant facilities! They offer us a huge range of extinguishers including some new ones for 2018 which are bit more snazzy than the standard red. We look forward to continue working with them throughout 2018 and beyond!

We are proud of the work we do in all of our security sectors including fire protection. Working with CheckFire allows us to provide our customers with the best products on the market. Alongside that they can help us stay up to date with training and regulations to meet industry standards.


To look at CheckFire’s extensive range of products and services click here.

CIA Fire and Security Achieve ISO 9001:2015

CIA Fire and Security are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. The accreditation is internationally recognised and ensures that client needs are met through strong quality management.

CIA has always recognised the benefits of the ISO 9001 accreditation. Not only is it key in our business to business interactions but it also helps our staff work within clearly defined processes. These processes are in place to maintain quality and to help achieve our goals as a company.

At CIA we are proud of the work our team has done to make the switch from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. It has involved a lot of effort and we believe it is a testament to our commitment to consistent quality.

Investing in industry qualifications and accreditation is a core value here at CIA. We maintain high standards across all of our services which have meant continued qualification for NSI Gold, BAFE SP101 and SP203-1 as well as being a member of the Door and Hardware Federation.

Training is a huge focus at CIA and we offer all staff opportunities to grow in their roles. Our commitment to growth and improvement benefits our staff but also our customers. This is because we are able to offer improved service across all areas of our business.

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